From the Desk of the Sovereign Grand Commander

On June 28th of this year our Sovereign Grand Commander Ill. Bro. Robert S. Whitmore sent a letter to the brethren.

In this letter he expressed his deep disappointment in having to make the decision to suspend all in-person activities on March 13th due to the Covid-19 pandemic . He remains hopeful that we will be in a better place in the fall and that we might be able to resume our formal activities. However, he made it very clear, we must continue to follow the advice and recommendations of our public health authorities.

During this Global pandemic he remains in touch with the various Valleys and is encouraged with the way many of them have adopted Zoom, Webex and Skye to hold virtual events and business meetings and has praised many of them for their ability to make the best of a bad situation.

He goes on the remind us that beyond the physical health many in our communities are experiencing econmic hardship, loneliness, high stress and much anxiety. He urges us all to watch those around us who may be in difficuly and where appropriate bring this to the attention of the Valley Almoner or Supreme Council if the need is beyond the capabilities of the Valley.

In closing Ill. Bro. Robert S. Whitmore wishes us all the best, good health and the sincere hope for the resumption of our normal way of life filled with brotherhood, camaraderie and good work.


Ill. Bro. Robert S. Whitmore 33° Sovereign Grand Commander