Covid-19 Update January 28, 2022

The Provincial Government has published the changes to the COVID regulations. Unfortuneately there were changes from what they told us last week. In meeting and spaces, regardless of whether one is eating or drinking or not, everyone must remain in their seats. This means we will not be able to fo offiicial openings and closings, ritual, elections or balloting. Regarding Masonic Memorial Services, the Registrar of the Bereavement Authority of Ontario has published directives for Funeral Homes which discourage the kind of movement our Memorial Services entails.

As announced, occupancy in meeting spaces will be allowed at 50% capacity.

Another new announcement is that we will not be required to collect contacting tracing data, although we still have to do active screening and show proof of vacination (or medical exemption) at the door. Medical exemptions are now incorporated in the Verify Ontario app. so that should make things a littel eaasier. 

Therefore, as of January 31, 2022, Lodges will be allowed to gather in their meeting spaces following the public health restrictions if the members wish, but they will not be able to do openoings and closings, ritual, balloting, elections or Masonic Memorial Services. Unofficial business meetings may occur and rehearsing may be done as long as everyone remains seated. 

The full regulation can be read at but a simplified summary of the parts relating to us is appended below. 

The government also announce further reductions in restrictions to take place on February 21st  and March 14th, however the fine print for these are not yet available, and having learned our lesson, we will not be sending anything our until they are actually published!

And a reminder that you may also have local restrictions as well. Please check on these. 

Sincerely and fraternally, 
David J. Cameron
Grand Master

Simplified summary of changes relating to Lodges
The total capacity must not exceed 50% (as calculated from the Fire Marshall's limits). This must be posted on the door.
No more than 10 people may be seated together at any table.
Masks must be worn at all times.
Line-ups inside or outside the building must have physical distancing as well as masks.
Everyone must remain seated at all times except when entering, exiting, going to the bathroom or lining up.
No singing
Self-screening signage, Active Screening, Proof of Vacination, Cleaning, Safety Plan, etc. as detailed before.