V. W. Bro. Stephen Maizels


The Grand Lodge Mentoring Committee's role is "Mentoring the Mentors", and so we have two target audiences: The Mentors and the "To-be-Mentored"

V.W. Bro. Maizels wrote in his first issue of his bi-monthy bullein entitled Mentoring Matters on September 15, 2020. "It is most important to not lose sight of the fact that Masonic Mentoring is a personal activity based on personal relationships between Brethren. The Mentor and the Mentored, The prime function of the Mentoring Committee will be to encourage, facilitate, and support those relationships throughout the Craft and in the best possible way." 
At the time this article was written there have been 27 Volumes of the Mentoring Matters Bulletin. These very informative Bulletins are available on the Grand Lodge website. 
For those wishing to attend the Zoom meetings hosted by Stephem Maizels your encouraged to contact :
W. Bro. Joe Johnson 
Mentoring Committee - Communications & Technical Services
joej@rogers.com  (905) 669-6465