Festive Season at the Rite

Holiday Season

With the Holiday Season coming to a close we hope you had an opportunity to visit the Scottish Rite and enjoy the many festivities that took place. The month of December  began with the Breakfast with Santa, then there was the production of Happy Hollandaise, there was the John I. Carrick Luncheon and of course the annual Christmas Buffet Luncheon. At the end of December the Scottish Rite with be celebrating with a New Year's Eve Gala as we usher in a new year and a new decade.  

While at the Rite we hope you had taken in how the building had been decked out for the Holiday Sesaon. At last count there were five beautifully decorated Christmas trees throughtout the building. These trees and the many decorations do not miraculously appear, it takes a great deal of hard work from a dedicated and talented crew to pull this off. Team Hillgren has been doing this for well over ten years now and Cathy and Hal Hillgren do not ask for nor get the recognition they deserve. Even with help they got from Natasha Smit, the new Manager of the Scottish Rite Club, Cathy  and Hal deserve our sincere thanks for making our Scottish Rite a beautiful and welcoming building this Holiday Season.