Supreme Council


The whole of Canada constitutes a single Scottish Rite Jurisdiction. Here, the term "Scottish Rite" is a short form for "The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada".

Application for membership in the Scottish Rite is open to members in good standing in any Canadian Craft Lodge who are Master Masons. Continued membership in a Craft Lodge is required to maintain good standing in the Scottish Rite.

The government of the Scottish Rite in Canada resides in the Supreme Council 33°. At its head is the Sovereign Grand Commander and it is composed of Sovereign Grand Inspectors-General, 33°, Active Members, (not exceeding 33 in number), plus Past Sovereign Grand Commanders, who are Active Members AD Vitam, and Past Active Members (without vote). Associated with them are Honorary Inspectors-General, 33°, distinguished Brethren selected for their service to the Scottish Rite, to Freemasonry, to their country, or to humanity.