Ill. Bro. Kenneth Brisbois 32º, T.P.G.M., Murton Lodge of Perfection

T.P.G.M.'s Message

Message from Ill. Bro. Kenneth Brisbois 32º, T.P.G.M. of The Murton Lodge of Perfection, September 2020
Coming off our installation in January 2020 and heading for the spring ballot, who could have foretold of the upcoming reunion cancellations due to a pandemic.   I was look forward to working with the officers in the coming two years and presiding over our first reunion together but that was not to be.
As summer is winding down and fall is in our sights let us look forward to a renewed vigour in our craft and make every effort to support our Brotherhood and our Fraternity in these troubled times.  Attendance at Masonic events, which enriches our souls and enliven our minds, is on hold for the present and it looks more and more likely we will not be meeting regularly until the new year. 
Let us all hope we can restart sooner, but we must always be mindful of our Brethren's safety and well being. 
It was very disturbing for me to see the statue of Albert Pike torn down in Washington D.C. recently and I thought I might share a little history of this great Brother. 
I have just completed reading a book “Albert Pike, The Man Beyond the Monument” and it is from this I share some historical facts with you.
Albert Pike was initiated, passed and raised into Masonry at Western Star Lodge #2 in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1850 and became a charter member of Magnolia Lodge #60 in 1852.
Albert held many Grand Lodge positions starting in 1853 and received his 32º that year, as well as starting into the bodies of the York Rite.   It was in this year he started to rewrite and revise the Rite degrees.  In 1854 he was appointed Deputy Inspector General of West Tennessee.
In 1856 he became the Commander in Chief of the Grand Consistory of Louisiana.  He received his 33rd Degree in New Orleans.
Brother Pike moved through various Masonic bodies and in 1859 was elected Sovereign Grand Commander of Supreme Council, 33 Degrees for the Southern District until his death in 1891.
Brother Pike completed the rewrite and updates of the Degrees 4 through 32 in 1860.
Illustrious Brother Albert Pike, 33º accomplished far more than this short summary I have written here but suffice to say he was a great man and an outstanding Mason.
To sum up, Brother Pike was a pioneer, a crusader for justice for Native Americans, an explorer, a practical joker, a journalist, a philosopher, a prominent Washington lawyer and the little known fact that he also was a Civil War General for the Confederacy, to champion states rights. 
Having said all that, Brother Pike's main life focus was Freemasonry and he authored the book Morals and Dogma, a seminal work for Freemasons which has been studied and debated since its publication in 1871.
I hope this message and historical excerpt has enlightened you and tweaks your further curiosity into our Fraternity and Brother Pike himself.  I look forward to writing to you all again.
Finally, my Brethren, I hope this finds all of you happy and well but in the circumstances of those who are ill or distressed, I pray the G.A.O.T.U. will bless you and offer you peace.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Kenneth E. Brisbois 32º
Murton Lodge of Perfection
Valley of Hamilton