T.P.G.M. November Message November 2020

T.P.G.M.'s Message

​​​​​​​Message from the TPGM of The Murton Lodge of Perfection, November 12, 2020 to the Officers and Members of the Red Apple
Greetings to all in these uncertain times.
Two reunions have passed and been cancelled which I am sure no one was expecting after a fantastic and memorable installation of officers last January.  It seems like an eternity has passed. With most of us involved heavily in our sacred Craft, I'm sure, like myself, we are anxious to be in our Lodges, Chapters and Scottish Rite activities as soon as practicable. 
As of this writing, Grand Lodge has issued an edict that all Masonic activities are cancelled until at least January 31, 2021 and our Sovereign Grand Commander has echoed these sentiments as well.
Previous to our first Reunion cancellation, I, like many of you, were looking forward to our first go at sitting in our new chairs and I know all of us would have performed to the best of our ability.  Since then I have been struggling to keep up the work, not knowing with any certainty when we might restart our Masonic and Scottish Rite journey's together.  You may have been or are having the same issue.  What I have been doing is getting and reading books on great Masons of the past like Albert Pike and reviewing many articles and definitions in my two great volumes of The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Mackey and McClenachan and the two volumes by of the New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Arthur Edward Waite.
An example of the kind of history I am reviewing is:
Did you know?,  that in the chronology of Freemasonry the first noted entry was in 926 AD – Edwin the mythical son of Athelstan, presided over a meeting of Masons at York and certain “Charges” were agreed upon for the government of the Brotherhood.  
This kind of history and a review of Masonic words and definitions in these troubled and down times enables you to keep up the curiosity and encourages the review and commitment of the work we are bound and committed to present in our Masonic bodies.  Just a thought Brethren.
Further to this, I will be contacting Ajai Datta to assist in setting up another conference call in the near future so we can all get together virtually again.
Finally, Brethren, I hope this finds all of you happy and well. For those unfortunate Brethren who are ill or distressed, I pray the G.A.O.T.U. will bless you and offer you peace and a speedy recovery.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Kenneth E. Brisbois 32 Degrees
Murton Lodge of Perfection
Valley of Hamilton