Ill. Bro. Robert S. Whitmore 33°, S.G.C.

S.G.C.'s Easter Message

                                                                                      S U P R E M E C O U N C I L, 33°
                                              Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry O F C A N A D A
                                                 SOVEREIGN GRAND COMMANDER
                                                        QUEEN STREET SOUTH HAMILTON, ONTARIO L8P 3R3
                                                                                              March 23, 2021
                                “Peace be with you! Be ye blessed! The peace of the Master be with you always!”

Dear Brethren,

Such are the concluding words to our Maundy Thursday Easter Ceremony-words so familiar and meaningful to many of us as we enter this very special time of year. One year ago, my letter to you opened with the introductory words to that same celebration in which we are called on to “joyfully strengthen the tie which binds our hearts together”. Little did we know then that, one year later, circumstances would necessitate our continued physical separation with its consequential loss of joy and friendship customarily experienced by all when together, face to face. Our feelings of separation seem even greater during these days of reverence within our many faiths and of such symbolic importance within our Craft. But, while our physical bonds may remain broken, the peace, goodwill, and ties of brotherhood among us all remain firm and unshaken. Strengthened by the many “virtual” gatherings taking place across our jurisdiction and, in any case, always grounded on the unshakeable principles forming the very essence of Scottish Rite, let each of us joyfully reflect on lessons already learned, friendships already formed, and an optimistic view for days ahead when we again will meet with our brethren, resume our ritual, welcome new candidates, and carry on our Scottish Rite traditions. In the meantime, let us remember those who have suffered loss or hardship during this past year and who may need to hear a friendly voice. Reach out to each other. Embrace our brotherhood by telephone, a note, an email, or any way possible. Let’s just keep in touch! In short, and as our ritual provides, let us strengthen those ties that bind our hearts together and may peace be with you all. Whatever your individual faith might be, I wish you happiness, good health, and contentment. Pax Vobiscum my brethren.

Ill. Bro. Robert S. Whitmore, 33° Sovereign Grand Commander