It's Official

"Future Home"

The sign has been erected, it MUST be true.
It's absolutely amazing what a few months will do and how the love for this project has blossomed into the Future Home of the Learning Centre for Hamilton, to help without the requirement of payment, the tutoring of Dyslexia Children. It has been a labour of love for those who have worked so relentlessly to make this happen on behalf of the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation. Make no mistake, this is a Masonic undertaking to help children who otherwise would have few options to make their lives better. To those who have been so generous and offered gifts in kind and others who have stretched their pockets to make it possible for us to help these children, on their behalf, we express our sincere gratitude.
If you do any travelling, a turn into the Scottish Rite parking will put you in the shadow of 148 Gearge St, The FUTURE HOME for the Learning Centre.