Faces of success stories thanks to the Barrie Learning Centre.

10th Anniversary of the Barrie Learning Centre

(The following article and pictures appeared in the "Triangle" - the Barrie Valley Newsletter. Thanks to Robert D. Brethour, Editor)

Barrie Learning Centre 10th Anniversary Celebrations
Saturday, October 5th marked a significant milestone event for the Barrie Learning Centre - their 10th Anniversary celebrations!   Can you believe it - 10 years of helping young people overcome the challenges of dyslexia.  

The 150+ people in attendance at this very special event enjoyed a wonderful program (thanks to the efforts of Centre Director Ross Martin, Assistant Director Elizabeth Rebelo, MC Paul Fockler, and Learning Centre Chair David Boyd) which included an Anniversary Celebration followed by the Graduation Ceremony itself.  Special thanks also goes to Michael Fockler (Paul’s son) for his technical assistance in creating the souvenir booklet as well as during the ceremony itself.

The Barrie Learning Centre marked the 10th Anniversary with words of welcome and congratulations from SGC Robert Whitmore and SRCF President Gareth Taylor; a “trip down memory lane” by Ross Martin, Elizabeth Rebelo & Betty Borges; “then and now” photos of all of our graduates with an update on their progress; a celebration of the success of the program for our graduates; and an inspiring speech by one of our first graduates - Ashley Merker. 

The Graduation Ceremony was led off by National Learning Centre Executive Director Matthew Todd with words of welcome and congratulations.  Tutor Katie Desroches was presented with a certificate as a Certified Tutor, and Betty Borges and Elizabeth Rebelo were presented with certificates as Certified Tutor Trainers.  Congratulations to all!  In particular, having two additional Tutor Trainers will allow a great deal of flexibility in the training of new tutors in the future.

These presentations were followed by the introduction of the 2019 Graduates of the Learning Centre program: Andrea Bianchi; Lisa Ann Borne; Kendhal Colwell; Carson Foster; Eva Foss; and Abbey Mills.  This brings the total number of graduates to 39, including 2 graduates from our satellite location in Bracebridge.  That’s 39 young people we have provided with the tools to succeed and thrive.

10 Years!  Wow!

Active and Past Active members of Supreme Council attending the 10th Anniversary celebrations.