The Lodge Hall in Denver Colorado, home to Denver Lodge No. 5 the oldest Lodge in Colorado.

Ill. Bro. Norm Staryk and Ill. Bro. Dave Amis Visit Denver Lodge N0. 5 Grand Lodge of Colorado

Good morning my friends and a big hello from Denver Colorado!
Dave Amis and and I had the opportunity to visit Denver Lodge on Thursday night for their scholarship night in which the Lodge gives out $1000 bursaries to students in the area to assist in their education
I am happy to report we were very well received by the brethren of Denver Lodge.
We even had the chance to meet the Grand Master of Colorado M. W. Bro. Newby and his wife who were present for the presentation of the bursaries.
 A big thank you to R. W. Bro. Ian L. Anderson (D. D. G. M. Hamilton District A) for providing me with the Maple Leaf Square and Compass Pins, they went over very well.
Dave and I had the opportunity to present ourselves in the Lodge Room and as Denver Lodge No 5 is the oldest Lodge in the state of Colorado, the brethren were impressed that The Barton Lodge will be celebrating our 225th anniversary in 2020.
 I am attaching pictures of the inside of the Lodge. Note this was rebuilt after the fire in 1984. It is definitely a beautiful building and the Lodge is well off. There are 6 other Lodges that meet in this building 
Ill. Bro. Norm Staryk