The 225th Anniversary Meeting of The Barton Lodge No.6

The Barton Lodge's 225th Anniversary Meeting

On Wednesday, March 11th 2020 the Barton Lodge held its 225th Anniversary Meeting.  The Lodge's original warrent was signed by M. W. Bro. William Jarvis, Grand Master of The First Provinical Grand Lodge on March 10th 1795.  In attendance at the meeting was M. W. Bro. David J. Cameron, Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Canada in The Province of Ontario, several Grand Lodge Officers, members of The Ancient St. John`s Lodge No.3 from Kingston and many members from around the 3 Hamilton Masonic Districts.

Brethren in attendance at the 225th Anniversary Meeting.

Officers of The Barton Lodge No. 6, current Grand Lodge Officers including M. W. Bro. David J. Cameron Grand Master

W. Bro. Jeffery C. Boyle (Immediate Past Master and Chair of The 225th Anniversary Committee), W. Bro. Colin D. Cooper (Master of The Barton Lodge No. 6). R.W. Bro. John L. MacPherson, M. W. Bro. David J. Cameron (Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Canada In The Province of Ontario) and Bro. Jason Drosky.

Bro. Scott Gordon Hammell (Candadate for the evening) and M.W. Bro. David J. Cameron.

From The Grand Master`s April Blog
`... and initiation of a man who grew up across the street from where I live.  The excellent work done by The Barton Lodge No. 6 was inspiring.  I was seeing the fruit of our brethren`s comittment to excellence showing forth.