Godfrey de Bouillon Installation

Godfrey de Bouillon Preceptory No. 3

On the evening of Friday December 6, 2019, R. Em. Kt.  E. David Warren KCT, Knight Commander of the Temple, conducted the ceremony of installation and installed  Em. Kt. Jeffrey Baker  as Presiding Preceptor of Godfrey de Bouillon Precetory No.3.  Also present and taking part in the ceremony was M. Em. Kt. William F. Mann GCT, Supreme Grand Master of the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada. In all seven Preceptors of Godfrey de Bouillon  Preceptory took part in the ceremony.

R. Em. Kt.  E. David Warren KCT, M. Em. Kt.  William F. Mann GCT, Em. Kt. Jeffrey Baker

Godfrey de Bouillon Preceptory is now in our One Hundred & Sixty-Fifth Year under the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada