Impact of Attaining the 32°

Ill. Bro. Morven Barclay, 32º, was one of the 58 candidates who received their 32nd degree collar at Moore Sovereign Consistory Spring Reunion on May, 6th, 2017. 

Just wanted to say that this past weekend receiving the 32nd degree, along with the other degree work, was nothing short of fantastic, and inspiring, to say the least.

Please pass along my thanks to all who were involved in the degree work, and also to all those behind the scenes.

This was extremely well organized, and everyone made me, and the rest of the candidates feel very welcome and SPECIAL !!

I was told before, by many who have been there, that this is something you will never forget!  ………………………and let me say,  it WAS!   ………………………. and I Won’t.

The Brothers should be proud of the Degree Work/Drama Sections that they presented to us.  I do not think I could pick out any ONE of the degrees presented, as they were all great, and have their own special message for us.

As I cannot thank everyone individually, could you please make sure that this is communicated in the Moore Sovereign Minutes, or however it is done, and pass along my thanks to everyone.
Thank you once again for this weekend, and allowing me to be part of this great Masonic Journey.
Respectfully, and Fraternally,

Morven Barclay
 32* Degree Mason,  Sublime Prince Of The Royal Secret -  Sarnia Valley