150fh Anniversary of The Scottish Rite Celebration

150th Anniversary of The Scottish Rite In Canada
Reort Subitted by Ill. Bro. Devin Tuinstra  to Moore Sovereighn Consistory Executive on Monday, September 30th, 2019

Commander-In-Chief, I am happy to report that the 150th Anniversary o Scottish Rite in Canada celebration occurred last night and met with a great deal of positive feedback.
The afternoon began with dignitaries being piped into the cathedral, followed by a play depicting the early establishment of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Canada.  Between acts, our Organists and the Scottish Rite choir provided entertainment for the crowd.  After a short intermission, the crowd was shown a short video on Scottish Rite today, followed by a longer verbal description of some of the highlights of how far we’ve come.  We then heard from several dignitaries, before concluding the formal part of the event in favour of a reception throughout the building with tour guides stationed in various locations with prepared scripts.
In attendance we had the Sovereign Grand Commander, the Grand Master, the 1st Grand Principal of Royal Arch Masons, the Illustrious Potentate of Rameses Shrine, the Mayor of Hamilton, our MPP Andrea Horwath, and MP David Christopherson, the Deputy Police Chief, Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief, MPP Paul Miller of Hamilton-East and Stoney Creek, Councillor VanderBeek, and many others.  Several chose to bring greetings and presented gifts in various forms.
We saw between 350 and 400 tickets sold for the event, and numbers are still being tallied, though we anticipate a net profit back to the valley of between $1700 and $2400.  These funds will be directed through the Hamilton Valley Advisory Committee toward maintenance of our building.

The Scottish Rite of Canada  Offices and The Scottish Rite Club

The Stained Glass Window on the Second Floor of The Scottish Rite depicting images of Cragt Masonry, Lodge of Perfection, Rose Croix and Consistory.

Dignitaries being Piped into the Scottish Rite Cathedral

The Grand Master David Cameron and The Soveregn Grand Commander toast the Piper.


The cast of the 150th Anniversary Play

The audience in attendance.

Presentations of the Dignitaries


Ill. Bro. Sandy MacMillan, 32º, member of the Organizing Committee and R. James Stewart, 33, Piper for the celebrations.