The Cast of the Twenty-Seventh Degree - Commander of The Temple.

Twenty-Seventh Degree, Commander of The Temple


27º – Commander of the Temple
The 27th degree of Knight Commander of The Temple is a chivalric degree. 
Our Grand Master and Emperor Frederick II of Germany sends a message to the Knights Commander of the Holy House of Saint Mary of Jerusalem to warn all against a set of scrolls promoting religious intolerance that he is accused of being the author. The Pope, Honorius (Oronata) III, makes complaints against the knights and their use of moneys. Philip has given money toward the defense of the Holy land. Ferdinand III also donates despite his losses. Frederick II is initially absent from the convocation and risks excommunication. The candidates represent the new knights that are needed to fill in the ranks. When Frederick II finally arrives and is formally accused he counters that the Pope taxes the English. The Pope excommunicates Frederick. Sir Herman von Saltza comes to Frederick’s defense. Sir Guerin de Montague, whom the Pope trusts, listens to his council. A false accuser would benefit from a divided Christendom helping the Saracens. The excommunication is revoked and Frederick renews his vows.