The Cast of The Thirtieth Degree, Knight Kadosh.

Thirtieth Degree Knight Kadosh

30º - Knight Kadosh
The 30th degree is the last of the chivalric degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry. It takes its lesson from history and the historical figure associated with the degree was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacque De Molay. The Templars were a chivalric order of knights founded during the crusades. In 1307 Pope Clement the V ordered the termination of the Templar organization at the urging of King Philip II of France. De Molay, suffered much torturing and imprisonment, but refused to confess to the false accusations of the Order he represented and was burned at the stake as punishment. His example of faith in God and fearlessness in the face of death became the requisite credentials of any candidate wishing to become a Knight Kadosh.
Kadosh is a Hebrew word meaning ‘separately’ but it can also be translated as ‘holy’ so in the sense of this degree it describes a ‘Holy Knight’. 
The arduous trials and tests to become a Knight Kadosh in many ways mirror the historical requisites of a would-be Knight Templar. A Templar swore obedience to God and made a promise to protect the weak and injured. He was expected to give up, or sacrifice, his worldly possessions, desires and wants for the good of humanity as a whole.
In this sense the Knight Kadosh must prove himself to be a true defender of the Temple of the Most High God. While outwardly armed with a sword of steel, he is inwardly armed with Faith and Love, the Faith he professed for God and the Love he proclaimed for his fellow man. It is taught that his duty is to defend the Order, and like a Knight Templar to assist all worthy Pilgrims, the weak and injured, the needy and oppressed.