The Officers of Moore Sovereign Consistory for 2018-19.

Installation and Investiture of Officers for 2018-19

On Monday, January 8th William M. Harper was Invested as Commander-in-Chief and the Officers of  Moore Sovereign Consistory were Installed.  This was an excellent evening of celebration with many of the members of Supreme Council present for the ceremony.


James M. Harper, Commander - in - Chief of Moore Sovereign Consistory 2018-19. 


James M. Harper, Commander- in - Chief with Stephen E. Warren, Installing Officer.


Members of Supreme Council and the Officers of Moore Sovereign Consistory.


The Principal Officers of Moore Sovereign Consistory, William M. Atkinson,1st Lt. Commander, James M. Harper, Commander - in - Chief, and D. Kenneth Laliberte, 2nd Lt. Commander.