Conferring the 19th to 32nd degrees

Candidates and members from the 17 Scottish Rite Valleys in Ontario, as well as many visitors from various Provinces, the United States of America and Europe, find Moore Sovereign Consistory degree work very special and unique.

This body is responsible for conferring the 19th to the 32nd degrees inclusive. These degrees are often very elaborate and highly dramatic, covering a variety of approached to Masonic knowledge. The 30th, 31st and 32nd degrees are the culmination of the teachings of the Scottish Rite and must be conferred in full ritual form. The 31st degree portrays the judicial branch of the Scottish Rite. The 32nd degree is the military branch and provides a bright beacon for candidates in search of a deeper understanding of man and compassion.

Consistory degrees portray events of universal significance associated with the building of the Second Temple. Candidates are shown a way to erect the Third Temple - that Temple being Truth and Love - which exists in the heart of man when he strives to identify himself with that which is highest and best.

The Consistory helps to develop the history and philosophy of Masonry through ceremony and grand drama. This setting provides the Master Mason with an unequalled opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of Masonic symbolism and allegory.

To join, please contact a Scottish Rite member for an application form. A deposit of $100.00 is payable when the form is submitted. After a favorable ballot, the balance of the fees are payable at registration and are commuted for life. Method of payment can be cash, personal cheque or credit card.

For Reunion degree dates and general information on Moore Sovereign Consistory, please call, write of E-mail The Scottish Rite, Valley of Hamilton.

  • 19° Grand Pontiff
  • 20° Master ad Vitam
  • 21° Patriarch Noachite
  • 22° Prince of Libanus
  • 23° Chief of the Tabernacle
  • 24° Prince of the Tabernacle
  • 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent
  • 26° Prince of Mercy
  • 27° Commander of the Temple
  • 28° Knight of the Sun
  • 29° Knight of St. Andrew
  • 30° Knight Kadosh
  • 31° Inspector Inquisitor Commander
  • 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

The symbol of a Consistory.

The symbol of a Consitory shall be in the form of the Jewel of a Consistory. A Teutonic Cross in red enamel with the number 32 in gold, on blue in the centre.  Surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves in green.  Attached to the bars, four equilateral triangles of gold.