T.P.G.M.'s Message

Message from Ill. Bro. Kenneth Brisbois 32º, T.P.G.M. of The Murton Lodge of Perfection, September 2020

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Sir Alexander Fleming

Scottish born biologist and pharmacologist discovers penicillin

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In Memory of Allard B. Loopstra...

OBITUARY Loopstra: Allard B. After a valiant fight with leukemia Allard Loopstra passed away on Friday, March 13, 2020 in his 74th year....

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Moore Sovereign Consistory...

2020 Moore Sovereign Consistory Installation.

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The Barton Lodge's 225th...

The Barton Lodge's 225th Anniversary Meeting.

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Brief History of Robert Burns

Robert Burns, widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland, passed away on July 21, 1796

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Mother's Day 2019