Ill. Bro. Jason D. McCulloch and Ill. Bro. Sandy MacMillan look very fashionable in their new Rose Croix jackets.

Scottish Rite Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix Jackets

                                          Scottish Rite Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix Jackets

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“One of the most meaningful benefits of Masonry and magnified by the 'Scottish Rite,' was the introduction to all of the new brothers, from all walks of life, that I would never have met without the Fraternity.”

The captionally noted Men's Black Everyday Soft Shell water and wind resistant Jacket features a zip front entry with adjustable zippered exterior pockets. The jacket has the Rose Croix 18° symbol on the front as per the attached photograph and it has the Square and Compasses on the back.

The jackets will be on sale for $100.00 at our upcoming Spring Assemblies of Murton Lodge of Perfection, the Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix, and Consistory with any profits from same going to the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centre for Hamilton.

The jackets can be ordered by adding to the comment section or by contacting the following:

Ill. Bro. Dave Chevrier 
Ill Bro. Jason McCulloch
Ill Bro. Sandy MacMillan  

Sincerely & Fraternally

The Scottish Rite Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix