Rose Croix Symbol

Rose Croix Installation 2018


Dear Sovereign Princes:

You are summoned to attend the Ceremony of Installation of the Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix to be held in the Norman E. Byrne Cathedral.
                                                                         Tuesday January 16, 2018
                                                                                               At 8:00 p.m.

                                                                                      Officers Dress: Tuxedo
                                                                                             Engraved Columns 
                                                                                             General Business
                                                                                             Annual Reports
                                                                         Election and Installation of Officers
                                                                                              Yours fraternally,
                                                         Glenn V. McLeod, 32°           Donald Campbell, 33°
                                                        Most Wise Sovereign               Registrar
                There will be a dinner served at 6:15 p.m. in the Round Room at a cost of $30.00 each.
                          Our after dinner speaker will be Jeff Filliter of J.R. Filliter Investigative Services.
                                                                             Election and Installation
Ill. Bro. Douglas J. Downey, 33°, has agreed to conduct the Election and Installation of Officers, assisted by the Past Most Wise Sovereigns of the Hamilton Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix.


Most Wise Sovereign Glenn V. McLeod, 32°
First General John L.MacPherson, 33°
Second General Randall G. Hayes, 32°
Prelate J. E. Denis Paquette, 32°
Raphael Jason D. S. McCulloch, 32°
Grand Marshall James D. Crowe, 32°
Registrar Donald Campbell, 33°
Assistant Registrar Jeffrey C. Boyle, 32°
Treasurer Andrew E. Crowe, 32°
Almoner Paul D. Fenton, 33°
Almoner Emeritus William T. Lees, 33°
Organist James R. Cakebread, 33°
Organist Emeritus Lloyd H. Oakes, 33°
Captain of the Guard David B. Chevrier, 32°
Guard Sandy H. MacMillan, 32°
Class Marshall Colin D. Cooper, 32°

                                                              Message from the Most Wise Sovereign

Sovereign Princes, as Christmas fast approaches so does the end of my journey in this term of Office. Sadly, this will be my final message as Most Wise Sovereign of the Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix. People often say that a well-run organization is a sign of good leadership, however I believe that it is a sign of an excellent team effort. Even the best leader will have difficulty without the right team behind them. I would like to thank the officers and all the members of the Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix who donated their time and effort in making my two years as Most Wise Sovereign and our reunions and Easter Ceremonies a success.

I wish the Incoming M.W.S. much success, as he will have one of the best slate of officers one could ask for. I will provide him with as much assistance and guidance as possible and encourage each and every member to afford him the same support as you blessed me with. Please attend our installation ceremony, if at all possible, and show your support and encouragement to the line officers and the new Most Wise Sovereign. This ceremony is open to all members of the Chapter and yet seen by only a small portion of our membership. It is unique to other installations you may have witnessed and we hope to see you there.

Thanks again to each and every one of our officers and members. I hope everyone has a pleasant Holiday Season and wish you all much success and joy for 2018.

Pax Vobiscum Glenn V. McLeod Most Wise Sovereigne.

                                                                              Scottish Rite Calendar of Events

                                                                                          January - June 2018

Jan 8     Consistory Installation
Jan 16    Rose Croix Installation
Jan 22    Murton Installation
Mar 1     Close of Applications for Murton and Rose Croix
Mar 5     Valley Advisory Annual Meeting
Mar 19    Balloting Meeting – Murton & Rose Croix
Mar 26 & 27    Murton Lodge Spring Assembly
Mar 28, 29,  April 1    Rose Croix Spring Assembly
Apr 2    Close of Applications for Consistory
Apr 25    Annual Brantford Scottish Rite Dinner
May 7     Moore Sovereign Consistory Balloting Assembly
May 11 & 12    Moore Sovereign Spring Assembly
June 11     Hamilton Valley Advisory Committee