Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada.

Celebrating The 150th Anniversary

The Hamilton Valley of the Scottish Rite is excited to announce the 150th Anniversary of Scottish Rite in Canada!

The various Scottish Rite bodies in Hamilton have been working together toward plans for celebrating this momentous occasion both at the upcoming Fall Reunion and at a subsequent event to be held in the Spring. 
The rich heritage of Scottish Rite in Canada and the Hamilton Valley in particular will be on full display during the upcoming fall reunions of Murton Lodge of Perfection, Hamilton Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix and Moore Sovereign Consistory.
If you or someone you know has been considering Scottish Rite for some time, or has only partially completed their Scottish Rite journey, careful thought should be given to joining the classes and being a part of this important anniversary.
Deadline for applications is October 1 2018
**Late applications cannot be guaranteed admittance, but we encourage you to still try to get in.

A video about what Scottish Rite is all about can be found here:
Application forms and answers can be found by visiting http://www.hamiltonvalleyscottishrite.com
or by contacting the Scottish Rite office at

Hamilton Valley Scottish Rite
Ken Adamson, Secretary
Phone: 905-522-1622 x22
Email: adminsec-towers@aasr-hamiltonvalley.ca