Forty-seven new Honorary Inspectors General, 33º surround our Sovereign Grand Commander, Ill. Bro. Terry McLean, 33º.

Supreme Council Sessions - Montreal Sept. 2017


Following are the highlights from the 143rd annual session of Supreme Council in Montreal Sept. 13-16:

● Supreme Council voted to move to a two-year rotation for sessions, so that the full program will be held in even numbered years, beginning in 2018 and a conference call among SGIGs will take place in odd years. The change is expected to generate significant cost savings.
● The term for future Supreme Council officers will be extended to four years beginning in 2018 and candidates for the 33rd degree will actually receive their HIG designation only in even-numbered years.
●These changes required a myriad of constitutional amendments, which were approved, as well as changes to articles on discipline and optional short versions for opening the 14th degree and closing the 18th for business meetings.
● This year 47 candidates were elevated to the 33rd degree of Honorary Inspector-General.
● A new social media policy was adopted.
● Membership in Scottish Rite in Canada declined by 500 to about 13,600 for 2016, the most current figure. Registration in Montreal amounted to 476.
● The Grand Treasurer General, Ill. Bro. Tom Lewis, cautioned that Supreme Council was drawing on investments in order to meet operating expenses “which is in itself self-defeating.” Declining membership and modest returns on investment put pressure on the annual budget of $277,250, down from $307,603 the previous year.
● Thanks to a successful fund-raising campaign for the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation’s 50th anniversary, SRCF is increasing its grant program to $40,000 per project per year, up by $5,000, over the next three years. It will be dispensing $480,000 in total research grants each year by 2020.
● The John Ross Matheson Award this year will be presented to Ill. Bro. Thomas Clark of the Valley of Central Alberta and Ill. Bro. Chandrakant Kania of the Valley of Windsor.
● Ill. Bro. Allan Long replaces Ken McComb as Active Member for Calgary and Ill. Bro. Tom Wills of Grimsby, Ont., was invested as Grand Master of Ceremonies.
● Next year’s session will be held in London, Ontario.

Hamilton Valley's newest 33º Honorary Inspectors General - Joe Lewis, William Dennison, Brian Kernan and Bob Gordon.


Vesper Service at St. george's Anglican Church


Three Past Sovereign Grand Commanders Ill. Sirs Harold Crosby, Richard Brown and Matthew Todd with our present Sovereign Grand Commander, Ill. Bro. Terry McLean, 33º.

Four Sovereign Grand Commanders (left to right) - Eberhard Desch (Germany), Terry McLean (Canada), Ronald Seale (USA Southern Jurisdiction), and Dave Glattly (USA Northern Jurisdiction). 

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Ill. Bro. Tom Wills, 33º was installed as the Grand Master of Ceremonies for Supreme Council. 

These brethren think they qualify for the best looking leg contest. You be the judge.


Patrick McKenna entertained us at the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Banquet. Humour with a message.


Attendees at Supreme Council received a special tour of the Shriners Hospital for Children Canada. $127 million dollars donated for the building + additional funds for all the furniture and equipment. Freemasonry at work...