The attendees at the Amalgamation of Harmony Lodge No. 57 and Enniskillen Lodge No. 185. Front Row: R. W. Bro. David J. Cameron (Deputy Grand Master), M.W. Bro. Paul E. Todd (Grand Master) R. W. Bro. Les Vass (D.D.G, M. Hamilton District B) and R.W. Bro. Frank Thompson (Grand Senior Warden).

Amalgamation of Harmony Lodge No. 57 and Enniskillen Lodge No. 185

A Brief History of Harmony Lodge N0. 57.
The first entry in the original minute book is dated April 5, 1855 and reads as follows: The first installation of the officers of Harmony Lodge No. 328 of Free and Accepted Masons under warrant from the Grand Lodge of Ireland took place at the house of Bro. Jeremiah Taylor in Binbrooke. Present: Bro. Jeremiah Taylor, Bro. John Brown, Bro. Henry Morgan and Bro. Wm. Mussen, Worshipful Master of York Lodge No. 286 G.R.I. The Lodge was opened in the third degree of Masonry. Bro. Taylor was installed first master of Harmony Lodge No. 328 G.R.I. in due and ancient form. Bro. John Brown was installed as Senior Warden and Bro. Henry Morgan as Junior Warden in due and ancient form. It was then moved by Bro. Wm. Mussen, seconded by Bro. Henry Morgan that the Lodge be closed until the next regular communication (say on the first Monday after the full moon in each month). (Carried). The minutes are signed by Bro. Wm. Mussen who evidently acted as installing master. The next page contains a minute in the handwriting of Thomas B. Harris,Grand Secretary to this effect: Masonic Hall Hamilton June 28th 1855 at a special meeting of Past Master Masons, Bro. Jeremiah Taylor was regularly installed Worshipful Master of Harmony Lodge No. 328 to be held in Binbrooke.  The first petition received was on July 1, 1855 from Reuben Taylor, son of the Wor. Master. The ballot was taken and declared in his favor. On receipt of the fee of four pounds he was initiated forthwith as an E.A..

Rarely is there any signature attached to the minutes. Not until 1862 is there a minute signed by both the Worshipful Master and the Secretary.  The proceedings as recorded seem to have been as free and easy as the
manner of recording them. Lodge was opened in any degree, which happened to suit the convenience or the fancy of the Master. Many meetings never got started before 9:00 p.m..  The summer of 1855 was a troublesome time for Canadian Masonry owing to the division of authority among the three different Grand
Lodges claiming jurisdiction in Upper Canada. A convention held in July in Niagara Falls adjourned without an agreement and a second convention was called in October of 1855 in Hamilton. Bro. Jeremiah Taylor attended that meeting and as Harmony’s representative bore his part in the formation of the Grand Lodge of Canada.

In January 1859, a special communication of Grand Lodge was held in Toronto to arrange, among other things, for the renumbering of theLodges. Although Harmony Lodge's warrant bears the number 27, this
convention assigned number 57 to Harmony Lodge. On November 4, 1861 our new meeting hall being completed an emergent meeting was held and a candidate was passed.

A Brief History of Enniskillen Lodge No. 185
Named after the Irish home of Dr. Robert Davis, a  Charter Member, the Lodge was first held in 1867 in Barber Hotel.  After a few years the members bought a building of their own which was destroyed by fire in 1889 with the loss of all records and regalia.  The brethren then bought a building called Fisher Church, which was teaken down, moved to Yourk and used for about 20 years until sold.  The brethren then bought the Barber Hotel in 1923 and remodeled the second floor into a Lodge room using the church pews from the previous location.  The building was designed by achitect Wm. Broughton and is of lated Georgian design, influenced by the Regency style common to Sothern Ontario. in the 1800's .  This old building was sold and the Lodge moved to Caledonia in 2006.  In 2014 the Lodge moved to their current location the Binbrook Masonic Temple in Binbrook ON.

The Installing Board for W. Bro. David Randall first master of the New Harmony Lodge No. 57.

W. Bro. David Randle and R. W. Bro. Les Vass (D.D.G.M.  Hamilton District B)

W. Bro. David Randle (Worshipful Master of Harmony Lodge No. 57)