From left to right - W. Bro. Sean Frye (son in law of William A. Atkinson), V. Wor. Bro Stephen Atkinson (son), R.W. Bro. William A. Atkinson (50year pin recipient) and R.W. Bro. William M. Atkinson (son).

R. W. Bro. William A. Atkinson - 50 year pin

Attendees at the 50 and 25 year pin celebrations at Thistle Lodge No. 34 in Amherstburg, ON. 

On June 5, 2018, three members of Moore Sovereign Consistory drove to Amherstburg, ON. to attend the celebration of honouring R. W. Bro. William A, Atkinson upon receiving his 50 year pin at Thistle Lodge No. 34. Over many years, R.W. Bro William A. Atkinson has been a big supporter and contributor to Moore Sovereign Consistory. His son, R.W. Bro. William M. Atkinson is an Officer of Moore and is presently the 1st. Lt. Commander. 

It was a real family affair with Bill's son Bill Jr. acting W. M., Bill's son in law W. Bro. Sean Frye acting S.W., and Bill's son V.Wor. Bro. Stephen Atkinson acting J.W.  Thistle Lodge No. 34 has had members of the Atkinson family involved in that Lodge since its inception. Bill's (Sr) Great Great Grandfather, Richard Atkinson was a chartered member. Other members of Bill's (Sr) family who were members but deceased were his father Ralph Atkinson, Oliver and Henry Thrasher uncles to Bill Sr. on his mother's side, and Walter Stuebing who was Bill's wife Nancy's grandfather.

R.W. Bro. William A. Atkinson has a long distinguished career in Masonry. This is very evident when you look at the group picture of all the "Gold" worn by the attendees at this celebration.  Bill has worked tirelessly for his Lodge, Grand Lodge, Scottish Rite and DeMolay. 

R.W. Bro. David J. Cameron, DGM made the 50 year pin presentation to Bill, and R.W. Bro. Dan Chamney, DDGM presented Bill with his certificate. Also in attendance were two past Grand Masters, R.W. Bro. Alan J. Petrisor and R.W. Bro. John Green and many Grand Lodge Officers. 

Twenty-five Year pins were also presented to seven members of Thistle Lodge No. 34. See picture for details. 

Grand Lodge Officers with R.W. Bro. William A. Atkinson.

Twenty-five year pins were also presented to seven members of Thistle Lodge No. 34. Front row, left to right - R.W. Bro. Phil Hernandez, R.W. Bro. David Charette, R.W. Bro. William A. Atkinson (50 years), W.Bro. Philip Wiebe, Bro. Terrance Hall. Back Row, left to right - V.Wor. Bro. David Cozens, W.Bro. John MacLeod, R.W. Bro M. Atkinson. 

R.W. Bro. David J. Cameron DGM (far right) and R.W. Bro. Dan Chamney DDGM (far left) with all the 25 and 50 year pin recepients.