V.W. Bro. Howard F. Walters with his 60 year certificate and his two sons.


V.W. Brother Howard F. Walters celebrates 60 Years a Mason.  Thursday June 14, 2018 V.W. Brother Howard F. Walters received a 60 Years a Mason Pin and Certificate in Union Lodge No. 7, Grimsby. 

V.W. Bro.  Walters has been a very dedicated member of Union Lodge No. 7, having served the Lodge as Worshipful Master in 1971, Secretary and for many years as Historian.  

In the picture above, he is with his sons, Bro. Mark Walters and Bro. Ian Walters.

​​​​​​​V.W. Bro. Walters is also a member of Murton Lodge of Perfection, Hamilton Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix and Moore Sovereign Consistory.