Deputy Grand Master and other Grand Lodge Officers with members of Burlington Lodge.

Deputy Grand Master David J. Cameron visits Burlington Lodge No. 165

R. W. Bro. Edward Standish (Board of General Purposes). R. W. Bro. Eric Marshall (D.D.G.M. Hamilton District A), R. W. Bro. Glen Jarvie (D.D.G.M. Hamilton District B), W. Bro. Ken Ogle (Worshipful Master Burlington Lodge No. 165), R. W. Bro. Graeme Loughlin (D.D.G.M.  Niagara District A) R. W. Bro. David J. Cameron (D.G.M.) and R. W. Bro. James Withington (D.D.G.M. Wilson  District South)


R. W. Bro. Eric Marshall, W. Bro. Ken Ogle and R. W. Bro. David J. Cameron.