Friday April 13, 2018 Strict's visit to General Mercer 548, Toronto.

General Mercer Lodge No. 548

Friday April 13, 2018  Strict's visit to General Mercer 548, Toronto. The Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27 has continued with fraternal visits with General Mercer No. 548 since the early 1920s. On Friday the 13th members visited Toronto to participate in a Second Degree and were accompanied by Rt.W.Bro Thomas Young, although not a member of Strict, but a member of Strict.
This fellowship that has continued between our two lodges for as many years, gives rise to the belief that so many brethren understood the value of continued friendships. It is our responsibility to convey some how, to the "new" generation, the value and benefits of visiting other lodges. As members of Strict have come and gone, our brethren made sure those following knew how important it was to continue what they had started, friendships that go beyond the square and compass, since 1924.