Active members of Supreme Council, Officers of Moore Sovereign Consistory and the class of the Spring 2017 Assembly.

Moore Sovereign Consistory 2017 Spring Assembly Class

Congratulations to all fifty-eight candidates that received their 32 degree collars at Moore Sovereign Consistory in Hamilton on May 6, 2017. They were an excellent class and each was greeted and congratulated by our Sovereign Grand Commander, Ill. Bro. Terry McLean, 33º, on his official visit to our Valley. Many of their sponsors were in attendance at the collar ceremony and were able to present their candidate with their collar.\

Along with our Sovereign Grand Commander, three Deputies for Ontario were in attendance along with several Active and Past Active members of Supreme council. 

Our Commander in Chief, Ill. Bro. Jack Hanna, 33º, and his Officers are to be commended for a very successful Assembly.  

Plan on attending our Fall Reunion scheduled for November 17 and 18, 2017.