The Twenty-Fifth Degree, Knight of the Brazen Serpent.

Twenty Fifth Degree Niagara Cast

The drama represented in this degree is founded upon the Biblical history of the passage of the Children of Isreal through the wilderness during the forty years of wandering under the guidance of the great Leader and Law-Giver Moses.
The scenes protrayed represent a period when, in consequence of the continued tribulations and sufferings and the scourges visited upon them in the consequences of their wickedness, their faith was wavering, and vicious and ambitious chiefs were urging them to rebel agains the God of Moses, to slay their leader and return to the idolatry and salvery of Egypt.
On the prayers andand supplication of their great and good Leader, who overlooked their sinfulness and faithlessness saved them from total destruction by an offended Deity.  The scourge of the Firey Serpents which destryed all befoe them, was indicative of the grea wrath of Jehovah and was perhaps the most ferful of all their punsihments.
This Degree thus aims to teach a losson of faith in God's providence and persence and unquestioned obedience to His commandfs in the firm belief that all that comes to us comes from Him and is for out best good.