Commander In Chief, Ill. Bro James M. Harper, 33º

Spring Assembly Message From The Commander In Chief

Sublime Princes, A long cold Canadian winter is now behind us and with spring upon us we welcome the new beginnings. The trees are starting to bud, the spring flowers are a joy to see and the birds are returning. Our world around us is rejuvenating. I, along with all of the Officers of Moore Sovereign Consistory, hope that all of you will consider joining us for our Spring Assembly. With the new beginnings of spring, our candidates will have their new beginning with the continuation of their Masonic journey in the Scottish Rite as they experience the degrees of the Consistory. Much time and effort has been and will be put forth on their behalf to make this journey an exciting time. I am confident that all of you will recall your time at Consistory with fond memories for years to come. Along with their new degrees, I would hope that all of you will gain many new friendships in the officers and members and particularly your classmates. To receive these new experiences with new friends is truly wonderful. Seeing old friends and revisiting the degrees are what is in store for those brethren that will return to our Assembly. Renewing old friendships and forging new ones is always a very important part of our Assemblies and Reunions. It is something to look forward to. Returning to see the degrees affords the opportunity to glean new truths and new understandings from the lessons. As our individual lives are constantly changing we find that these lessons give us new meaning and understanding. Seeing new degrees that we may not have had the opportunity to witness will rejuvenate our passion for learning and in turn for teaching those lessons to others. I would encourage all of our sponsors to join our new candidates for their journey into further Masonic knowledge and especially for the pinnacle of their journey in the presentation of their red collars. It is a truly rewarding experience.

 I, together with all of the Officers and members of Moore Sovereign Consistory would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Illustrious Brethren who have been nominated to receive their Thirty-Third Degree at the Supreme Council Sessions in London this September. Sublime Princes and Candidates, the officers and I are looking forward to greeting all of you at this upcoming Assembly, to witness these new beginnings, returning rewards and rejuvenating our brotherhood. Please join us. 

Sincerely and fraternally, 
James M. Harper, 33°