Moore Sovereign Consistory

Consistory Installation 2018

A. & A. S. R.

Dear Sublime Princes:
Your attendance is requested at the Biennial Meeting of Moore Sovereign Consistory, to be held in the Cathedral, 4 Queen Street South, Hamilton, at 7:30 p.m., on Monday, January 8, 2018.
Engraved Columns
General Business
Election of Officers by John R Hanna, 33°
Installation of Officers by Steven E. Warren, 33°



Sublime Princes,
This being my last message as your Commander-in-Chief, I cannot believe that two years have flown by so quickly. The time has passed so effortlessly. It has truly been my honour and privilege to serve as your Commander-in-Chief and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I cannot properly thank my officers, the past Commanders-in-Chief, the members of the Lodge and Chapter, Supreme Council, the Degree Directors and their casts, the various committees and work crews and all the people in the Scottish Rite Offices who have advised, guided and supported me through these past years. I’ll just say a simple thank you. I think we did a very acceptable job.
I would particularly like to thank Ill. Bro. Steven E. Warren for having the confidence to appoint me as a junior officer.
On January 8, 2018 we will hold our Installation and Investiture of the Officers for the next biennial term. I urge all of you to join us as these very talented and dedicated brethren take over the reigns of your Consistory. Congratulations!! I pledge you my support.
Finally, on behalf of all the officers and the Executive of Moore Sovereign Consistory, I wish you health and happiness in the upcoming year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Sincerely & fraternally,
John R. Hanna


                                    Scottish Rite Calendar of Events
                                                 January - June 2018

Jan 8     Consistory Installation
Jan 16    Rose Croix Installation
Jan 22    Murton Installation
Mar 1     Close of Applications for Murton and Rose Croix
Mar 5     Valley Advisory Annual Meeting
Mar 19    Balloting Meeting – Murton & Rose Croix
Mar 26 & 27    Murton Lodge Spring Assembly
Mar 28, 29,  April 1    Rose Croix Spring Assembly
Apr 2    Close of Applications for Consistory
Apr 25    Annual Brantford Scottish Rite Dinner
May 7     Moore Sovereign Consistory Balloting Assembly
May 11 & 12    Moore Sovereign Spring Assembly
June 11     Hamilton Valley Advisory Committee