Ill. Bro. Ken Adamson organizes applications and other administrative details.

Behind The Scenes of The Fall Reunion

Many members of the Scottish Rite work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the spectacle of The Fall Reunion happen.  Among these areas are, Costumes, Makeup, Organist, Choir, Sound, and  Staging.


The costume committee makes sure that all cast members are dressed appropriately for the portrayal of each degree.  Lanny R. Salmon is the coordinator,


Makeup adds to the authenticity of the portrayal of each degree.  Chairman is David Peddler.


Special lighting makes the degree dramas very effective.  Here Ted Burns adjusts the house lighting at the main lighting panel.


There are many very detailed and artistic backdrops in the cathedral, Here Bob Gordon lowers one backdrop into position.


A sophisticated sound system ensures everyone can hear the work on the floor.  Bill Denison operates the sound panel.


James Cakebread is the organist and choir director.