Masonic Funeral Service

A Masonic Funeral Service is one of those rare occasions when non-Masons are introduced to Freemasonry, perhaps, for the very first time.

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150fh Anniversary of The...

On Sunday, September 29th The A.A. Scottish Rite of Canada celebrated their 150th Anniversary with a Play and Reception.

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An Exciting Discovery for our...

The 150th Scottish Rite Anniversary Celebration is almost here and there are now just 'six' days to go before Hamilton hosts the 150th...

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Not Just a Man. A Mason. Eh?

Our Sovereign Grand Commander attended the Supreme Council Sessions of the Northern Jurisdiction held in Milwaukee.

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Prince Hall

Prince Hall the founder of Prince Hall Freemasonry was born on this day September 14th. It is unclear if the date was 1735 or 1738.

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Moore Mulligans Hit The Road for...

This summer the Moore Mulligan's to support the various Valley Golf Tournaments.

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Mother's Day 2019