The Knights Templar and Freemasonry

The Knights Templar were formed circa 1119 A.D. This was just after the First Crusade, when a French Nobleman, Hugues de Payens, collected...

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Time is Running Out

November 19th is but a few short weeks away. All proceeds for this charitable event are going to help children with Dyslexia.

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Trafalgar Lodge No. 712 Official...

Some of the brethren present at Rt. W. Bro. Eric Marshall's Official Visit to Trafalgar Lodge No. 712 on Thursday, October 12th.

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Busting the Myth of Friday the...

Busting the Myth of Friday the 13th.

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Washington Lodge's (Grand Lodge...

The Barton Lodge No. 6 hosted Washington Lodge 240 Grand Lodge of New York on Wednesday October 11th. These Fraternal Visits have been...

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The Ark of the Covenant

Today in Masonic History we present The Ark of the Covenant.

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The Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27 Installation changed to Nov 21st.

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Grand Master's Meritoirous Award...

In 2017, the Grand Master bestowed this honour to Hamilton Valley’s very own R. W. Bro. H. Edward Standish or as we in the Valley know him...

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R U a Director?

Masonic Mottoes

The Regius Poem